London what’s your Social Media iQ?

Toyota’s Hypermiling Social Media Success

Toyota’s Hypermiling Social Media Success

Wrapping up my tour of social media across the globe with the final stop in London. This week I focused on Toyota Great Britain its use of social media in one successful case and what insight other brands can use to reach audiences in Great Britain – and globally.

The social media campaign centered on raising awareness of the Toyota iQ among influential blogs connecting to people interested in technology, autos and the environment. The iQ is a very small four-passenger car with low emissions and high MPG car designed for hip young city dwellers.

Two members of the content team took a hypermiling road trip (act of driving using techniques that maximize fuel economy) in the iQ attempting to drive 500 miles on one eight-gallon tank of gas and along the way create editorial content that would grab reader interest and drive traffic back to the Toyota iQ blog. The trip hit 18 cites and on every stop the progress was shared through social media.

The key insight in this success was how Toyota created and leveraged unique editorial-style content full of great stories others wanted to read, link to and spread using social media.

The hypermiling attempt reached over 105 million people worldwide and 3.7 million people in the UK alone as a result of coverage on high profile blogs, including Wired magazine, and led to a 200% uplift in traffic to the iQ blog.

The old saying that ‘content is king’ reinforces if you want others to be interested in your brand you can’t just expect them to find you online. You have to have something interesting to say, do it in a non-marketing way and seek out your audience to help them find your message.


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