This is How You Tango

80 percent of the online population in London are actively engaged with social networking sites. That’s approximately 30 million UK citizens. This demographic usually in the 25-34 age group spend roughly 5 hours on social networking sites.  Facebook leading the way has the most popular social networking site in the UK. Also, in 2008, 65% of households had Internet access. Therefore, companies have invested in launching online efforts to reach their consumers.

BritVic, the number 2 soft drink British producer in the UK. The company owns a number of leading brands in the UK including Britvic itself, R. White’s Lemonade, Tango, Pepsi, 7 Up, Robinson’s and J20, and launched Gatorade in the UK after securing the rights from PepsiCo. Tuesday of July 14th, the soft drink maker recorded revenue of 249.1 million pounds in the 12 weeks to July 5th, which is a 5.9% increase from the previous year.

Tango,is the BritVic brand known for it’s edginess and appeal. The marketing team have done very creative work, to keep people engaged and interested online. In 2006, the British Interactive Media Association (BIMA) recognized Tango Clear for developing a basic spoof campaign. The Tango ad was released virally with the help of a website formed by the fictional Swansea North Residents Association. the local action group were protesting the damage caused by the Tango film crew. After just one day of the viral release the site had received almost 200,000 hits. Due to it’s online popularity, the video finally made its way to television.

However, the creativity doesn’t stop here. In 2008, the BritVic brand Tango launched an integrated campaign to promote Tango. In a strategy to bolster sales, the company launched ‘Save Tango‘ campaign, created by Bartle Bogle Hegarty, that aimed toe raise public awareness of the threat Tango is facing as a carbonated drink for those individuals who rather consume healthier products. The website created for the campaign had a video component, a blog, a call to action for the customers, a online petition, and a game. The campaign was ultimately a success which caused an eight per cent increase in sales. To compliment the efforts, the company rebranded with a new design packaging. A limited edition can was premiered with the wording Thanks instead of Tango.

New Design

New Design

Limited Edition

Limited Edition

Tango doesn’t rely on their laurels. They continually launch new campaigns to engage their customers. Their recent endeavor with the help of Nudge London, a social networking agency, has launched a Facebook application, Tango Head Masher 3000. In it’s infancy, the campaign only has 76 fans and on their main Facebook page for Tango only has 706.

Tango has definitely made an impact on their customers, yet could definitely make some social networking improvements.  Streamlining their social media campaign to the actual Facebook page would help keep those 706 fans. Yet, they have high potential in reaching their British market.


One Response to This is How You Tango

  1. mintybeth says:

    I enjoyed learning about Tango in your blog. I didn’t run across their ads in my research and, from everything I read, they are definitely on the cutting edge. But I am curious as to why their social media hasn’t caught on to the same degree. I like that you pointed out that all is not golden for the company, but it wouldn’t been good to hear your take on why you think this latest campaign hasn’t succeeded as much as the others.

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