KFC with a side of Peking Duck


The Chinese have cultural traditions rooted with history that dates back thousand of years. They have been known as leading innovators of technology and have 338 million Internet users and 155 million people


who access the Internet through their mobile phones.  This is the highest in the world. Therefore, in terms of social media, a brand has an immense challenge but an overwhelming opportunity when marketing their brand in China.

Brands from the West have to appeal to the Chinese culture if they intend to break into this market. For a culture that has been established for many years, developing brand loyalty doesn’t seem like an easy feat. However, a brand we know very well in America has had massive success in China.

Kentucky Fried Chicken is the biggest western fast food chain operating in China. It has overshadowed McDonald’s in sales and appeal with over 2600 stores countrywide. The number one reason


KFC has been successful because they focused heavily on localizing their brand. It’s not to the point, where the store is unrecognizable, but where they have embedded Oriental additions to t

he menu and changed their service model to appeal to their Chinese consumers.

In terms of mobile marketing, KFC has launched an online application (Drink Joyfully) that engages youth. The holiday promotional app is similar to the already massively popular game House & Garden. The website definitely identifies the youth and has a fun, bold, and colorful page that reflects that same energy.

KFC has definitely done a great job completely maximizing their resources in China, which has made them the most successful fast food restaurant. What I recommend for any outside brand looking to make an impact in China, definitely make KFC your model. They have completely became apart of the community. Localizing your brand gradually dissolves many barriers and generates amazing success. And just a side-note, when you have teenagers posting YouTube videos of just sitting in your store, you must be doing something right.


2 Responses to KFC with a side of Peking Duck

  1. This post has a lot of potential when it comes to discussing how KFC uses social media to achieve and maintain their place as the leading fast food company in China. You do well to note that their regional strategy has helped them, The discussion and analysis of the social media component is a bit light, though. To make this post stand out, the discussion of how the mobile marketing effort for KFC needed to be a bit more in depth and offer some of your thinking on why it stood out and made a difference – and how it demonstrates that KFC is a brand that gets the power of social media and uses it well. (3)

  2. Evan Taylor says:

    It is a popular brand in China. I was shocked at the number of locations that I saw. Thanks for letting me know just how many! I would love to know who is their targeted demo with the mobile?

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