Viral Campaigns – A “Must Do” in Brazil

Before launching a social media communication/advertising/marketing plan in Brazil, brands should take the following into account:

These facts therefore not only change the way in which brands allocate advertising dollars but more importantly alter the format of the ads them self.  It also means that simply adding brand advertisements i.e. banner ads to Orkut (Brazil’s dominate social media platform) is not the answer.  In fact the proverbial social media plan just won’t do it either.  Instead, the solution lies in turning traditional advertising on its head and creating a new path; one that is focused on creating and generating buzz that can then be spread through social media sites with more authenticity and a sense of community.

Seasoned marketers already know that word of mouth and viral marketing is one of – if not the – most effective marketing technique.  According to the United Kingdom’s blogstorm, “viral marketing campaigns are an amazing way to generate a huge amount of buzz and brand awareness whether they are carried out online or offline.”  Given Brazil’s social media influence, online viral campaigns become all the more relevant. 

1dc106945fcaf829218bf6a63d07f5e53580db93_128x96One Brazilian company – – has already figured this out with the launch of their “Worst Job in The World” viral campaign. 

The video features beautiful Brazilian models and a large amount of sarcasm (which undoubtedly helps ratings) has been viewed on YouTube 773,716 times and has received 233 comments in the past two months. 

Last year, blogstorm posted “The Top 10 Viral Marketing Campaigns Of All Time” that companies aiming to launch social media campaigns in Brazil can emulate. 

The list includes:

  • Nike’s “Touch of Gold”
  • Quicksilver’s “Dynamite Surfing”
  • Transport for London’s “Do The Test”

While not all companies can – nor am I suggested they should – employee overt sexual innuendos or extreme sports, they should pay attention to the power that viral campaigns can have on the ability to reach intended objectives.


3 Responses to Viral Campaigns – A “Must Do” in Brazil

  1. Jacqueline Sibanda says:

    I like the idea of viral marketing and looking at blogstorm’sTop 10 list I’m struck by 2 things. The first is the writer’s question in relation to the Macbook video – wondering if viewers clicked on the affiliate’s link, the reason for the video in the first place. In a subtle way he raises a potential pitfall of a You Tube campaign, the video may be so good viewers won’t notice what you want them to notice!
    The second thing that struck me is that despite high internet use, the Worst job campaign in Brazil didn’t seem to notch up numbers as high as videos on Top 10 list, most of which I assume were not targeting Brazil. The easiest one to compare is Transport for London because it mentions over 3 million views in three months compared to just 700,000+ in two months for the Worst job video.

  2. GREAT find with that viral video, I thought it was funny and obviously ripe to go viral considering it featured Brazilian supermodels … one of the most predictable of ocurrences online. I liked how you laid out some key considerations for the Brazilian market (each supported by a link for background) and then highlighted a single campaign that you thought worked from a viral point of view.

    The only slight disconnect in this post is that several of the points you make up front are talking about the importance of communities and yet the example you share is a viral video that (arguably) does little to foster or connect with communities and relies simply on sex appeal for popularity. It does work, but I’m not sure it supports your point made in the first half of your post about the criterias for success with social media. (3)

  3. mintybeth says:

    I found your post ineteresting because I had not heard about the Worst Job campaign you mentioned, but I think you would’ve benefited from actual links to the worst job video and images related to the top campaigns. While these campaigns took place in Brazil, you need to assume that your audience is not Brazilian. More information is always better, but thanks for highlighting the videos.

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