Over the Moon for Overmundo!

overmundoRecent data from comScore’s World Metrix audience measuring service reveal that Russia and Brazil had by far the most engaged social networking audiences in the world in May 2009. According to the data, the typical Brazilian networker dedicated 6.3 hours in May using online social networks and viewed over 1,220 pages.

Top 20 Highest Engagement Social Networking Country Audiences*
Ranked by Average Hours per Visitor*
May 2009
Total Worldwide, Age 15+ – Home & Work Locations
Source: comScore World Metrix
Country Average Hours per Visitor Average Pages per Visitor
World-Wide 3.7 525
Russia 6.6 1,307
Brazil 6.3 1,220
Canada 5.6 649
Puerto Rico 5.3 587
Spain 5.3 968
Finland 4.7 919
United Kingdom 4.6 487
Germany 4.5 793
United States 4.2 477
Colombia 4.1 473
Mexico 4.0 488
Chile 4.0 418
Ireland 3.8 462
Turkey 3.7 427
Venezuela 3.7 454
France 3.6 526
Australia 3.4 374
New Zealand 3.4 386
Switzerland 3.2 430
Italy 3.2 39

*Out of the 38 individual countries currently reported on by comScore around the world.
**Excludes traffic from public computers such as Internet cafes or access from mobile phones or PDAs.

With so many active internet users in Brazil, it is no surprise that Brazilians have created a way to talk about their culture using web 2.0 tactics.Overmundo, launched in March 2006, is a web site dedicated to the arts and culture in Brazil. The site was created by Dr. Ronaldo Lemos to solve an interesting problem – coverage of Brazilian culture, especially by the traditional media, has been focusing primarily on the two major cities of the country, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. So the majority of cultural scenes in other parts of the country were either ignored by traditional media or covered from the perspective of the two major cities, in many cases as something “exotic”.

To address this problem, Overmundo was built both as a community and a software tool the site currently has 29,000 active collaborators spread all over the country and is visited by approximately 30,000 unique visitors per day. Overmundo consists of the largest community of people in Brazil aimed at promoting a and never ending conversation about the Brazilian culture. Individuals and groups from all over the country write articles, post pictures, films, music, texts, describing their own places and communities, and creating national visibility for cultural events and scenes all over the country.

The idea behind Overmundo was to empower artists, journalists, webloggers, cultural groups and anyone at large to provide their own views of the Brazilian culture, and also about cultural scenes in their own regions. Each story that appears on Overmundo is the output of a complex community process which involves several opportunities for community participation. Stories are posted in draft and wait a minimum of 48 hours before being brought live. During that two-day wait, readers can offer suggested edits to the story, as well as vote on whether or not it should be published on the site. If a story reaches the specified voting threshold it gets published.


Overall, I think Overmundo is a great idea and a really great way to get the citizens of Brazil involved in telling their own stories and sharing their culture through social media. Based on everything I’ve learned I do think the site requires a pretty high level of engagement from readers to make the system work, but based on the fact that it is in Brazil I think it will remain successful because there’s such widespread usage of social networking sites in Brazil.


3 Responses to Over the Moon for Overmundo!

  1. Excellent job this week of finding a very interesting site and spotlighting what makes it work unique to Brazil and the lesson it offers for other sites and brands. The WordPress specific elements of this post, such as the really small image and cut and paste of the chart data don’t really work in their current format, but this may be more of a blog and design issue than your issue in particular – however spending a bit more time on the formatting to try and improve it would have made a nice impact … however the post and writing were strong and your topic and site to focus on was very well chosen. Great job this week. (4)

  2. Shannon Barrett says:

    I really liked how you included the “Top 20 Highest Engagement Social Networking Country Audiences” list – great reference for a number of other classes and/or work related topics.
    I also enjoyed your post because it addressed Brazil’s cultural scene coupled with the strong community influence that Brazilian’s are known for. I also really like the idea behind Overmundo and think it can serve as a great example for other industries to follow.

  3. perezb says:

    I really liked your post and the information it provided about Overmundo. It seems like a really rich resource with a lot going for it.

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