Let’s Give Em Something to Talk About

Ok-Brazil is one of the top countries in the world using social networking. And it ranks highly in the amount of people blogging and engaging in conversations online but what are Brazilians talking about?

How do companies pin point a source of conversation to penetrate through and engage consumers? Can they do this? I believe so, but I think that with so many conversations taking place, brands, organizations, and social sites themselves have to give Brazilians something to talk about. Let’s take Twitter for example, Twittter is extremely popular in the United States for so many reasons but what is interesting about Twitter is that it envokes conversations through its trending topics. These trending topics which are featured on the public timeline not only track what people are talking about but it also draws in people to participate in the conversation about these trending topics-how brilliants. If you are a major corporation and you have a new product; becoming a Twitter trending topic would be a branding gold mine!

Brazilians companies/brands/organizations need to become trending topics in Brazilian social network mediums. The market is so crowded and buzzing with vast conversations that organizations need to give them something to talk about. These organizations need to be the content leaders or else their messages will get drowned out by citizen journalism and the other millions of topics taking place in Brazilian cyberspace.


3 Responses to Let’s Give Em Something to Talk About

  1. The beginnning of your post has a good question, getting us interested in knowing your take on this. What ARE Brazilians talking about online? Your comparison to Twitter is also spot on in terms of how trending topics do indeed spark conversations. Is Twitter equally popular in Brazil for these types of trending topics as well? If not, what other site offers this? The missing piece from this post is a level of detail on more specifics around Brazil. What articles that you read this week did you find interesting? How do the lessons of trending topics and Twitter apply in Brazil? These are the types of final additions that will help your blog posts make the short leap to excellence. (3)

  2. Misha Hutchison says:

    Wow, short and to the point. It left me wanting to research how Twitter ranks in Brazil when it comes to trending topics.

  3. shayvg says:

    I love your title, and the fact you focused on the lack of content in Brazilian conversations. Very interesting approach.

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