Brazil is the 12th-largest economy in the world, the seventh country in Internet usage, the largest country in Latin America and the world’s fifth-most populous country with 182 million people.SMin Brazil
Acc ording to a 2006 DM News article, In fact, Wikipedia contains an official definition of Brazil’s voracious appetite for foreign online apps—The Brazilian Internet Phenomenon.Wiki

As our world rapidly transitions from freely-shared information to freely-shared contextual information, the concept of social knowledge has become an increasingly critical function of market intelligence—but more so in Brail than any other global marketplace we’ve explored.

In Brazil, the need for using strategic social media tools to identify gaps in understanding as they relate to the confluence of local culture and web 2.0 is made especially critical by the rare combination of several important factors like religion, political censorship; a pervasive and powerful underworld of organized crime; and the stark juxtaposition of wealth and misery that comprises the offline backdrop for this dynamic and uncertain digital terrain.

The acquisition of social knowledge is an ongoing process that includes a range of adopted behaviors like listening and embracing influencers; and the absence of a clearly defined return on investment. The key for marketers to remember in Brazil is that due diligence must override the compulsion to rush to market—no matter the digital medium, product or service. The complex and dynamic nature of Brazil’s inherent challenges require a period of listening to determine the most effective and appropriate tools, strategies and tactics.

In Brazil, social networking site, Orkut is essential for monitoring the cultural sensibilities of online conversation. Orkut
Orkut is the #1 website in Brazil
and enjoys a 79% market share and is 8th in the world.

Additionally, Twitter’s microblogging platform and bloggers like Marcello Tas. Bloglead in effectively monitoring and engaging influencers to interact with their brand. Even citizen journalism sites like Rio Body Count and ViolenciaViolence are abuzz with citizens documenting the massive injustice of Brazil’s ruling criminal class and corrupt government.

A June 2009 VentureBeat blog Reports Brazilian consumers spend an average of 19.3 hours online for personal use versus 9.8 hours watching TV, according to a study released by Deloitte.

With such an enormous and highly engaged audience, Brazil’s digital media landscape provides an endless opportunity to market using social ads— product-based apps that work inside social sites. This advertising while virtually brand new in Brazil, is so relevant that the user wants to install it on their public personal profile on a social network.

There are also promising opportunities to cash in on Orkut apps that drive traffic to your portals using features and titles of news and content, linking to the content . However, it must all begin by listening. A thorough and ongoing listening campaign is critical to addressing the lack of relevance in display advertising that could cost valuable market share for your brand–especially in a market ripe with such a plethora of multilateral marketing and communications challenges like Brazil.


One Response to In Brazil: An EYE for SOCIAL KNOWLEDGE is CRITICAL

  1. This a nice and thorough survey of what Brazilians are doing online right now. You share some good ideas for what brands could do, and also do well to bring some thoughts on potential gap areas. Once again, you use excellent visuals to make your point and the video also supports it well. Again, the main point of feedback I can offer is to be careful about letting your posts go on for too long and trying to get to making your main point earlier in your post. Good job again this week regardless. (4)

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