South Africa-GOAL!

Before I touch on my insights of South African social media, I want to point out how fascinating it is that a country has branded itself. Every effort that goes into branding an organization or a product South Africa has done for the country as a whole. Everything from the consistency in using the colors of the flag to creating a slogan, “Alive with possibility.” I have never experienced a country other than caribbean islands which are known for their tourism.

I thought that was very interesting to point out which brings me to the point of this post. As South Africa prepares itself to host the 2010 World Cup I am throughly impressed with how South Africa is using social media to connect with the world. From Blogspots, Twitter, The Facebook, and Flickr South Africa is using various social media outlets to promote the 2010 World Cup. Now, the use of these various online mediums is nothing new. However, what is very insightful is how these social mediums are used to promote not just the 2010 World Cup but South Africa as a brand. How smart to use this opportunity where tourism will be at its highest for South Africa to potentially retain that level of tourism by pushing the South Africa brand. The use of showing pictures of South Africa through Flickr, telling real life stories through blogs, and communicating in real time with potential tourist via Twitter are ways that countries have never connected with the world.

On the Brand South Africa site there is an interactive communications tool kit #mce_temp_url# available for download for potential sponsors and companies that maybe interested in participating in the 2010 World Cup. This tool kit provides updates and marketing information useful to these potential sponsors. This is a great resource for sponsors who need to keep abreast with preparation for the World Cup.

Social media has been used for various aspects of marketing but I believe that South Africa has done a great job of showing how social media can be used to promote a country.tophead4










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4 Responses to South Africa-GOAL!

  1. Adrienne Allmond says:

    Great Post! Do you feel that there is any way South Africa could improve upon their existing social media branding strategies or do you feel they are already on top of that game as they can be?

  2. The coming World Cup in South Africa will definitely be a big moment in the country’s history and you are right to point out that it is actively being used as a big promotional opportunity for the entire country to brand itself to the world. This idea, though, is relatively consistent with what most countries are trying to do to promote visitation and economic development in their regions. Though it may not seem apparent, nearly every region in the world has a similar sort of effort … though they may not be leveraging as many social media tools as South Africa. What was missing from your post was going a bit further to see what other regions may be doing or adding some insight into how South Africa’s use of social media truly differs from that of other places. Without that, your post ended up a bit insular and missing the context of something to compare with. (3)

  3. starla stiles says:

    I agree that South Africa is fully utilizing social media to promote their country to the rest of the world. I also think that utilizing the fact that the country is hosting the 2010 World Cup and co-branding those efforts with South African tourism is a smart way to get more bang for their social media buck.

  4. kstel2 says:

    With the South African World Cup quickly approaching how fast do you think internet access in South Africa will continue to increase? Many brands want to capitalize on the events and people participating in the World Cup, and if internet usage continues to increase, it could be a major platform for brands to use social media tool to target audiences.

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