Social Media and the Apartheid

After reading this blog I realized the importance of South Africans participating in social media. Years after the apartheid South Africans remain uneasy and segregated. White South Africans consider leaving the country because they feel their quality of life has declined, Asian South Africans consider moving because they are unsure of their future, and Black South Africans have nowhere else to go – yet feel their quality of life has not improved since the apartheid ended in 1994.

Social media is imperative in order to engage these groups with each other. Although Olckers may disagree I do believe it is possible for this country to progress past its hierarchical thinking. Social media is an excellent platform form for South Africans to engage each other and move on.

 With South Africans avidly participating online with Twitter, Facebook and Afrigator (even Obama has reached out to Africans using social media), I believe that social media will prevail despite what skeptics may suggest.

 It is just a matter of time.


5 Responses to Social Media and the Apartheid

  1. juliaccartwright says:

    I agree – my post addresses this, but I believe that social media is conducive to taking Ubuntu – the African philosophy of respect and community – online and making it come alive in a new medium.

  2. I like how you took my advice from last week on board to focus your post more narrowly on a single idea. Your words are well chosen and the point of your post is clear. I also really like the last line and how you set it apart. Now that you have this foundation set, I’m looking forward to your post next week where you can take this sort of focus but dig a bit deeper into your post and offer more of your thinking. For example, in this post you talk about the potential for social media to engage these disparate groups together. What is one idea that you think could do that? Adding that level of your own insight is what will really help your post to stand out. (3)

  3. Shannon Barrett says:

    I liked how your blog was realistic (by looking at the disparity) yet hopeful. I also agree that social media can be used in South Africa to bridge this gap as long as people are willing to acknowledge that while the apartheid ended in 1994, many still feel disenfranchised. I think advocates and critics of social media need to be both honest and empathetic. Your post seems to emulate this!

  4. Evan says:

    A really good clean and simple blog.I appreciate your solid opposition to the Olcker statement. As more people become engage social media will be a critical tool.

  5. shayvg says:

    I agree as well and you definitely kept a very clear and concise rebuttal to the Oicker statement. I think social media can definitely be a potential opportunity to connect with South Africans.

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