See Ya Later, Afrigator!

Africa’s first social media aggregator tracks more than 1,000 Africa-related blogs, podcasts and news sites.   South African CEO Justin Hartman created Afrigator to provide bloggers and users with an opportunity tafrigator_dec_08.jpg picture by kstel2o present information specifically related to African news, video and content.  Brands that are looking toward South African audiences as a marketing strategy can use Afrigator to post to the several thousand African blogs, podcast, and videos already on the site. 

 Afrigator is a great example of the type service that any brand could use to support the growing number of social media sources around the world.  If brands plan to market their products through blog postings in South Africa, Afrigator’s most notable change on the website features podcasts and videos together with blog posts, making it easier for brands to channel audiences through multiple social media tools. 

afrigatorscreen2.jpg picture by kstel2

 While growing attention toward Afrigator continues to expand social media mediums for South Africans, in a population of over 43 million, only 4 million internet users currently exist according to Internet World Stats.   Even though the South African population is constricted by the lack of broadband, there is still no doubt that any social media tool or online usage in South Africa—through computer or cellular devices—will be a major competitor with other countries once internet is more readily available. 

Teenagers in South Africa are spend more time interacting with friends via social networking sites than in front of the TV,  in part due to the fact that economic downturns have forced more families to stay home and spend money wisely.  In South Africa, the cost of Internet access is set to fall and speed acceleration which is making the internet an increasingly more powerful social media tool for brands targeting South African audiences.

Since the launch of Afrigator in 2007, the site leads as a major competitor in South African online markets as a base for increasing communications in a country with limited online resources.  It presents the kind of marketing that brands can take advantage of through cost effective and innovative social media solutions.


3 Responses to See Ya Later, Afrigator!

  1. Adrienne Allmond says:

    Thoughtful Post! What American social media website would you suggest comes closest to being the equivalent of Afrigator?

  2. First of all, I loved the title of this post – made me want to read further and I probably would have clicked it if I just saw it in an RSS Feed! Your point that a social media aggregator tool could be potentially useful for brands makes sense, but you need to bring it to life to demonstrate what you mean. Would this be for a brand that already has a lot of conversation out there about it and wants to simply aggregate it? Or could this be used for brands who are trying to create and bring together their own content? Or both? Your top level point makes sense, but the next step for you will be to try and bring it to life as much as you can. (3) + (1 bonus point for great title)

  3. jtitus15 says:

    Thanks for sharing this great info. I had not had the opportunity to read that deep into what Afrigator is. I think this is a useful tool and one that brands would certainly find valuable.

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