Communicate where your customers live

gup shup

Communicate in your customers channels.

Breaking into a new global market using social media requires more than just finding your target audience it requires finding the right channels where your customers are having their conversations.

For example in India Twitter and Facebook have a large market penetration but the Western sites don’t reach all users in India. SMSGupShup is an instant message service similar to Twitter that has 20 million users up from 7 million last year. The SMS service charges a variable fee for sending text messages and unlike Twitter is creating revenue each month.

SMSGupShup is the world’s largest and fastest growing social messaging platform and accounts for 400 million monthly text messages, around 5 percent of the total Indian market. India’s has 400 million mobile phone users.

For global brands wanting to penetrate new markets companies need to find the right channels and communicating where your customers exist.


3 Responses to Communicate where your customers live

  1. As many of your classmates raised this week, both Facebook and Twitter seem to be growing in importance in India, though SMS GupShup does seem to be on a faster curve. You are right to point out the potential there, but your post just stays on the surface of describing what the service is and doesn’t delve more deeply into how exactly you think it might be useful and some ideas for using or managing it. As it stands, you have the beginning of a good idea and post here but needed more time and thinking to get it to a point where you really give us more of your point of view. (2)

  2. Adrienne Allmond says:

    Nice Post! Why do you think Indians prefer SMSGupShup over Twitter if it is essentially the same thing? Especially when Twitter and Facebook are FREE.

  3. Evan says:

    Nice research, I didn’t find any significant info about SMSGupshup or Orkut until after I finished my post. I wonder how marketers from other countries utilize this tool in India and is this the right tool for marketers?

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