…And a Child Shall Lead Them


Swedes take special pride in the protection, care and development of its youth.  Its safe to say Sweden understands and values the premise that their children of today, will soon become the adults of the future who will ultimately run their country.  Swedes obviously believe in giving their young people the very best start in life to ensure successful futures among its youth population.  So it should come as no surprise that governmental policies require that:

  • New parents  get a total of 13 months of paid maternity leave and the father is required to take at least 1 month of it following the birth of a child.
  • All parents get 480 days of paid leave per child, which MUST be claimed before the child turns eight.
  • There is a abundance of organizations that offer support services to help and protect the rights of Swedish children including a organization, Friends, whose mission is to stamp out bullying in school.
  • School is basically free for all children

Swedish children, like most of the countries inhabitants, boast a high levels of Internet usage and engagement. It has been noted that Swedish children surf the internet as much as they watch TV, if not more often.  With two of the nine million people in Sweden being under the age of 18, I believe it makes perfect sense for any brand seeking to use social media to promote their products or services plan to strategically target the youth of Sweden in their efforts.

Many can arguably agree that children can be quite influential to their parents likes, dislikes and interests.   Even if  a brands product or service is not necessarily geared towards children, there can still be profound value in marketing to the youth.  Popular social media sites that Swedish children frequent  such as Facebook, lunarstorm, skunk.spray and hamsterpaj can be used to promote topics on everything from best travel destinations for soccer enthusiast to best ways to keep your pet environmentally friendly.

The children of Sweden obviously matter greatly in their culture.  Brands that seek to invoke engagement and peak the interest among Swedish youth will certainly appeal to the masses as well….And inevitably, those youth grow into adults who become and loyal supporters of the brand.


One Response to …And a Child Shall Lead Them

  1. You chose to focus on the youth in Sweden as several of your classmates did as well and offer a good summary of why they should be an important target audience for promotional efforts. As several others did this week, you focused more on the cultural aspect without relating it more directly to social media – but also try to take more time to share a few ideas at the end of your post for how a brand might engage this youth as you suggest. Offering these sorts of examples and thinking will help to bring your ideas to life. (2)

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