US tries while Swedes lead on the Environment

As the United States is struggling to figure out how it will reduce negative impacts Americans create on the environment and climate change, one European country has already create their roadmap.

The first positive step happened yesterday when the House of Representatives passed a bill addressing climate change. The legislation seeks to reduce greenhouse gas pollution and American dependence on foreign oil. Proponents also hope this can be first step for America to become a leader in clean energy technology which will create jobs in renewable sources of energy like solar wind and geothermal.

This bill still needs to pass the Senate and is already being criticized for falling well short of Europeans standards to reduce carbon emissions. So back to the nation that is leading the world in setting standards to solve the worlds environmental problems and producing action.

You would have probable not guess that Sweden is that leader. In fact, with everything the country is doing, including breaking the world recycling record, Swedes don’t seem to even talk that much about the countries green success.

16 sweden

The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency has released 16 environmental objectives designed to help solve the major problems facing the world in one generation. Problem is not many in the world even know about these objectives and Swedes would rather talk about fashion where as Americans would rather watch really TV.

The objectives range from basic clean air and water to protecting the ozone layer and creating a rich diversity of plant and animal life. So how can Sweden spread the word to make their goal come true in one generation – social media.

Take this blog and the many before it. Swedes will need to create energy around the leadership they are showing to improve the environment and the most powerful way to accomplish this is word of mouth using the internet.


One Response to US tries while Swedes lead on the Environment

  1. You do a good job of bringing in current events and setting up the problem for the reader in terms of what is missing in Sweden and the challenge in front of them. Then you take a strong first step to suggest that blogs may have an impact to solve this challenge, but you leave us wanting to read more than one short paragraph about your thoughts on solving this challenge. You have good thinking and a strong perspective to share, and we want to hear it. Make sure to elaborate on the core part of your post – the suggestions for tackling the challenge you set up. Don’t leave us hanging. (2)

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