Sweden’s Social Networking Syndrome

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Opportunities are plentiful brand online in the Baltic region; Sweden is one of the most productive users of connectivity.  Brands should consider respectfully and creatively influencing the 2 million people under the age of 18, who are active online users.  Many children start early in this progressive country with “half of all fire-year-olds and one in five three-year-olds have browsed the internet.” Children 12-15 are actively chatting online. If brands are considering what differentiates the Swedish market from others in Europe with social media usage, it is important for brands to focus on providing more local content rather than international content but the social network doesn’t have to be local as witnessed by Facebook dethroning the Swedish social network.   

Lunarstorm was once considered the Sweden’s social media behemoth and media darling.  In 2005 B.F. (Before Facebook), Lunarstorm was perhaps the largest online community with 1.2 million active members in Sweden. This audience was largely comprised of 90 percent of the country’s high school students, who spent over 25 minutes while suffering this on-line community.  Today, the average time spent of Lunarstorm 7 to 9 minutes.


In 2008, Lunarstorm traffic dropped by 50% compared to the previous year with just under a half million unique web user.

Facebook has kidnapped the Swedish youth as the leading social media network.  The social network site has held Sweden hostage with average person with nearly 24 minutes time spent surfing the site.  In March, the number of Facebook users in Sweden has almost doubled Lunarstorm’s active member at its peak with 2,097,840.  From December to March, Facebook participation increased by 23.6 percent.


One Response to Sweden’s Social Networking Syndrome

  1. I really like the direction you’re headed with this post. You uncover and talk about some interesting stats that point to the next generation’s use of the Internet and also share an important point about how Facebook has become a large presence in Sweden. Your use of data to contrast what has happened with the shrinking importance of Lunarweb is also an interesting and important point.

    The post does seem to end a bit abruptly, as if you were planning to put the pieces together for us but ran out of time – which may be the case. As it is, you did a great job to whet the appetite and have us wanting more. Now we just want to be sure to hear your voice sharing a conclusion to bring the data and insights together. (3)

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