Make Sustainability Fashionable & Trendy

EKA (sustainable clothing in Sweden)

EKA (sustainable clothing in Sweden)

The Swedish are trendy.

They thrive on innovation, creativity and sustainability.

Social media conversations are focused on fashion, architecture, travel and global trends.

The Swedish also have a humanitarian culture where top priority is given to the quality of life and the environment.

Even though the Swedish receive a ton of credit for being eco-friendly, they do not spend a lot of time conversing about it online. To tap into the Swedish market, the first thing a brand

Bio-Hybrid Saab 9-X Air Convertible Concept

Bio-Hybrid Saab 9-X Air Convertible Concept

must be is environmentally friendly. Sweden is one of the few industrialized countries to have reduces carbon emissions and according to the European Commission, 40% of Swedes said they had purchased an eco-labeled article over the past month. Second, your brand has to be trendy and innovative. The Swedish are a proud culture and believe themselves to be leaders in innovation and creativity.

Last year’s idea will not suffice.

Now that you are positive your product or service is a match for the Swedish culture, the best way to tap into the Swedish market is to position your brand as a leader by making it the trendiest, most creative, innovative and sustainable product or service available to them. Find Swedish bloggers and social media mavens who write about products or services similar to yours and introduce yourself and your product. Don’t be aggressive or overly emotional about it.

Ecoist Handbag

Ecoist Handbag

The Swedes are passive creatures. Also, when you state your case, remember to back it up with data, as the Swedes are conceptual and analytical thinkers. It is also a good idea to market your product to several social media mavens using various social media tools, because the Swedes tend to make decisions by group consensus. Also, link your product or service to the Swedish EPA’s 16 objectives in whatever way your product advances those initiatives.

Urban Wood (FSC certified wood)

Urban Woods (FSC certified wood)

Finally, make sustainability fashionable and trendy. Some examples of products that have made their mark in that area are EKA fashions and NINII in Sweden, fashions designed with the purpose of creating high fashion for contemporary people using sustainable productions and environmental-friendly materials; Saab 9-X Air Convertible Bio- Hybrid; Ecoist, a sustainable handbag designer that makes fashionable handbags out of recycled candy wrappers, and Urban Woods, a sustainable furniture designer specializing in modern furniture made from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified wood.  Take your cue from these brands. It’s not enough to just be Eco-friendly, your product or service must also be fashionable and trendy to have staying power in the Swedish market.


One Response to Make Sustainability Fashionable & Trendy

  1. Interesting take on the importance of being fashionable and trendy in addition to being eco-friendly. Though I’m not sure that every product sold in Sweden needs to have this fashionable element, you do a good job of sharing enough examples that you support your point of view. The only missing piece is a more detailed connection to social media. You mention it briefly, but are missing any ideas or suggestions for how this could be incorporated. (3)

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