Sweden’s Hype for Skype

 skype.jpg picture by kstel2The Sweden technology of today is evolving at a very rapid rate and the introduction of Skype in 2003 has only heightened the need to stay connected to each other through faster channels of internet communications.  As we engage in the digital trends that are affecting us today, it is important to stay abreast of how communications has grown into an industry of significant value to our everyday lives.

The digital world has bridged the gap of how we communicate from the traditional methods of phone-to-phone communications into various methods of PC to PC mobilization.  The result of digital availability in Sweden has provided various connectors to transcend how we communicate into essential tools to stay connected to the world, such as Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and now Skype.  With the 340 million registered users Skype currently has, Skype is quickly become the most popular voice communications service in the world. 

Skype continues to break the barriers of internet communications in Sweden.   With features associated with Skype such as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) it is now possible to communicate with national or international PC users with internet service, without paying any local or long distance fees or calculated minutes, as you would with mobile phone communications.  This essential component of Skype is creating a channel of cost-efficient productivity in Sweden through new communications for global organizations.  While Sweden organizations are challenged with the need to meet their audience’s expectations around every individual interaction, with the use of Skype they now have the ability to communicate their plan of action with various global partners through faster and effective tools of digital communications.  Every plan of action from advertising to market research can be discussed and integrated through the global reach that Skype provides for organizations and/or companies.  Remember, Oprah is using it in almost every show to increase her audience reach and viewership. 

Skype is changing the dynamics of how Swedish online audiences communicate with the integration of voice and video calling and IM (Instant Messaging) into one application.  While these features can apply to many online competitors, Skype understands that the reach of their 340 million users expands not only to their services but how well their services fit into everyday business and personal interactions.

Skype understand how useful presence is to a business interaction or even through personal communications.  For instance, if a colleague is unable to physically be present for a meeting, their presence through video conferencing allows the lines of communications to stay within reach for national or international organizations.  “That is why engagement, one of the biggest buzz words of the online space for sure, is seen as a way to create interaction and participation by an audience.”[i]

skype.jpg skype call image by bethnieceCompetitors of the VoIP giant have also made it challenging for Skype as they continue their efforts to lead in the digital markets.  A trio of competitors such as Yahoo, Jajah, and Lycos all have no-cost or low-cost VoIP peer-to-peer solutions, attempting to threaten Skype.  However, for now, Skype competitors do not have enough of an installed voice base to threaten Skype, which is particularly strong outside of the U.S.  Also, eBay, the parent company of Skype, has a powerful marketing campaign which would make it difficult for competitors to override.  According to a report in the New York Times, Swedish and Danish founders of Skype are interested in buying back the IP communications company from eBay to increase the use of Skype in Swedish and other global companies. 

For Sweden, Skype has been the key to empowering a variety of exciting new technologies as it changes the face of the future.  They are clearly taking the world by storm with their free global telephony and how Skype is creating opportunities to develop radical new technology impacting telecommunications globally through the internet.  Skype is clearly establishing a record in the digital world that you can no longer afford to ignore, and the technologies are only making it easier as they continue to shape and improve our lives.

[i] Reich, Brian & Solomon, Dan. (2008). Media Rules


One Response to Sweden’s Hype for Skype

  1. Good analysis of how Skype is changing businesses and what global implications it may have. What was missing for the reader was your making the direct connection up front between Skype and Sweden. One of the founders was Swedish – but can you tell us more about how popular it is in Sweden? Where did you learn about all the uses that you mention for Swedish businesses? Giving the reader more insight into what sources you were looking at to put this post together helps to strengthen your point of view. (3)

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