Sweden-The Metaphorical Noah’s Arc

Sweden’s urgency to maintain its title as the most sustainable country in the world stems from its great care of Sweden children. The Swedish population is 9 million and of that 2 million are children under the age of 18. Sweden puts great emphasis on programs designed to help foster the growth of their children. The Swedish delegate an Ombudsman, which is an ambassador to the children of Sweden to ensure that they have proper programs and education needed. Parents are given money from the Swedish government that allow them to spend more time with their children and families. Additionally, parents are given 480 days maternity leave. All of these are examples of the investment put into the growth and development of Swedish children as well as families.

Many Swedish children spend a great deal of time on the internet and participating in social media, however, they are also encouraged to spend time outdoors participating in sports and learning about nature and the environment. The Swedish community have all been taught to respect the environment and treat it with great care. The environment is well taken care of for Sweden’s current children and generations to come. The Swedish have taught their children the importance of taking care of the environment in hopes that they will pass on this knowledge. As this generation becomes more internet savvy a social media campaign that targets this demographic and their parents would prove to be useful because the Swedish place such a high value on programs that are geared towards children. The campaign should be dual. There should be an element that appeals to children and allows them to be active in their communities. This campaign should also grow with the generation. As this demographic begins to grow the campaign should shift to match the generations maturation. If the Swedish intend to meet their objectives within one generation then the campaign should match those efforts by being designed around the growth of the generation. The campaign should also target parents so that it increases dialogue between parents and children. It should also be an incentive for parents to talk more about the environment not just with their children but globally. Swedish parents will participate in programs if their is an incentive for them to engage more with their children. This has been shown through the programs I have listed previously.

A campaign that highlights how the EPA’s objectives are most beneficial to the children are Sweden could be most effective *hint-hint*

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