Children: An Untapped Resource

There are approximately nine million people living in Sweden, two million being under the age of 18. Swedish children use the internet just as much as they watch TV – with more than one in four 12-15 year olds watching TV at least three hours a day. These children are chatting online… why not use their voices to promote a brand?
With Swedish children being an untapped resource a brand could easily mobilize this generation to act as evangelists on their behalf. This is a tech savvy audience with Sweden being ranked eighth globally for broadband penetration.
Swedish children are avid users of:
• Facebook
• LunarStorm
• Skunk
• HamsterPAJ
Although most campaigns in Sweden would overlook this audience, they have to understand that for sustainability purposes engaging this generation is crucial. The Swedish EPA, for example, has chosen not to target children to push traffic to their site. Conversation peaks curiosity; if children’s interest can be peaked to the point of motivating them to speak out for a brand then their voices should be welcomed and encouraged.


One Response to Children: An Untapped Resource

  1. You are right to point out the potential impact that children can have on any brand or organization’s effort, but don’t dig a bit deeper to counter some of potential difficulties in your recommendation to engage kids. How do you feel the ban on TV advertising to this audience would matter or is it irrelevant because you would recommend focusing on children above 12? What about the difficulty in getting kids to be active brand advocates because they have other things to do – is there a type of brand or cause that would be better for your recommendations than any other? As it stands, this post is the beginning of your point of view, but we need to hear more. (2)

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