It Takes One To Know One

Although Russia is one of the fastest growing Internet markets in the world, they have been known to reject outside information and influence. Successful marketing and advertising of one’s brand in Russia is imperative for sustainability. In order to achieve acceptance in Russia, one should partner with a Russian firm to gain the trust and understanding from their Russian audience.

Social media tools that thrive in Russia include:
• Одноклассники (, a site that connects classmates in Russia and Ukraine.
• В контакте (, a site aimed to keep friends, coworkers and classmates in touch.
• Facebook and Twitter have become increasingly popular in Russia, but yet to compare with the 28-30 million users reported from the other sites.

Although innovative, Russians have yet to penetrate the social media sector. In order to successfully infiltrate a brand into Russia, one should partner with a local firm and allow them to be a part of the brainstorming process. Providing an authentic idea, with a Russian twist could make or break the business received in Russia.


One Response to It Takes One To Know One

  1. I think I get your core assertion here, that if a brand wants to engage through social media in Russia, they need to partner with a local firm. That seems like a good idea, but as the reader gets into it – the blog post should offer more detail on what you mean by that. As it stands, you share the same idea with different words later in the post, but leave the reader hungry to get more detail. Is it enough to partner to get translation help? Or do you mean that every brand needs to find a local partner to relay their messages and be the public facing voice of the brand in social media? And if they were to do that, would the same standards of transparency apply to them as might here in the US? As I have shared in a few other comments, you may not feel that you have all the answers – but taking a stab at defining these key questions and offering the beginning of a point of view is really what will draw the reader in and make your point more strongly. (2)

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