Text Russia, With Love


One key insight that I found to be the most surprising from the readings on Russia was that although Russia’s Internet population is being cited as the  fastest growing in the world (after China), it is actually Russia’s volume of mobile subscribers which seems to be accelerating at a rate which far exceeds that of  country’s Internet subscribers/users.  The Internet does not seem to grasp the attention of the majority quite as profoundly as the mobile trend has.    One of the readings offers that the reason for this is due largely to the fact that Russia’s Internet is not up to par because it is “still dominated by designers and programmers”.

With this fact being duly noted,  I am led to believe that brands who wish to use social media to reach audiences in the Russian market will be required to come up with innovative tactics which can be applied to mobile marketing campaigns (SMS Text message campaigns) in order to reach the widest target audience and effectively promote about their products and services.


One Response to Text Russia, With Love

  1. I really like the title of your post – it made me want to get into this and read more about your point of view. You start well, with the observation that Russia’s mobile population is growing rapidly – but you leave your reader wanting to hear more about what insights you can pair with this observation. For example, does the rise of mobile mean Russians are using the phone INSTEAD of computers or in addition?

    The links that you provide in your post need to add more context to support the point you are trying to make – for example, using this link from our class reading list last week would have helped to offer more context and also offer a few data points that you could build from in your post (2):


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