Russia-More Than Just Words

To understand the nuisances of Russian social media you have to understand the history of Russian culture. While many American brands are jumping on the social media bandwagon as a means to push their marketing efforts and we Americans eat it up like Sunday dinner steak; the same does not apply in Russia. Because of failed marketing efforts in Russia traditional marketing efforts in Russia have lost their clout therefore, as social media begins booming many companies are not able to take advantage of spreading messages through social media mediums. Companies must be creative in breaking through the Russian mold. The Russian community must see that these companies are about more than just pushing a brand for the sake of making a sale. The Russian community wants to see that these companies understand and relate to the culture.

A classmate in a previous post, Russia Gone Viral, has made a very interesting observation. The author of this post has stated that viral messages have a greater impact on how members of Russian social network communities respond to messages. This speaks volumes of how previous international and domestic relationships have impacted how the Russian community responds to brand relationships. It is about more than words. The Russian community needs to see that companies understand Russian culture.


One Response to Russia-More Than Just Words

  1. The point you make in this post, that companies entering into business in Russia need to understand Russian culture is definitely an important one. It’s important that you go beyond that, though, and give us more of what’s in your head about how a brand might do that. You share a point early in your post that traditional marketing efforts in Russia have “lost their clout” because of early failures. What were some of those failures? Does this offer an opportunity for “non-traditional” marketing such as social media to fill the gap? Ultimately, we want to hear more about what you think brands could do in this environment and how they might follow up on your sound advice to be sure to understand Russian culture. (2)

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