Russia has gone viral

In a recent article titled “Kremlin 2.0 Russian Prez Discovers Social Media” evidence of social media adoptions has shown itself through that of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and his online blog. Medvedev is intrigued by the attention his blog has gained, and more impressed with the online discussions his blog enables about various current issues.

Russia is one of the fastest growing Internet markets in the world with social media networks making a gaining huge popularity. Currently, the social media landscape is dominated by social networking sites – two of the largest Russian social networks, and are common social networking sitesocial-networks-russia-graphs that rival with U.S. based Myspace, Facebook and Twitter. Google, too, has become an online media staple in Russia.

The most interesting aspect of these social sites is that they enable Russian and other global companies – including the U.S. – to engage in outreach and communication using popular sites that reach millions of people.

Despite the growing amount of traffic, and growing popularity, companies will need to learn how to best utilize social networking sites as a receptive and responsive outreach tool to position brands, create consumer advocacy, and in turn create consumer brand loyalty.

Social media marketing should be used to attract, retain and increase the value of current and future customers and stakeholders.  Harnessing the power of social media marketing to encourage customer advocacy will become a staple in all markets, especially Russia where internet and social marketing can be more effective with increased consumer usage of these networks.

Launching on-line viral campaigns, and forming and participating in niche on-line communities can spur customer advocacy and word-of-mouth which will result in increased brand awareness and loyalty. The various approaches to adopting social media marketing will also enable companies to glean valuable customer insights from consumer-generated content which can help measure progress of social media campaigns and help project and forecast efforts to develop future social media marketing campaigns.


2 Responses to Russia has gone viral

  1. dcsfinest77 says:

    Just read your blog and I think you make some really good points. Especially as it relates to the relationship-building aspect. I think authenticity and trust will be essential in penetrating this market. So then, I wonder how an American company can leverage the power of some of Russia’s best used and most credible digital networking platforms in an authentic way to really build the kind of behavior change it takes to generate this kind of WOM advocacy? I suppose you could hire a digital comm firm there to be your cultural navigator and strategist online? Do you know how successful or existant these types of consultancies are there? Would be cool to know how many digital marketing firms there are in Russia that design and help implement these types of marketing strategies for US companies. Anyway, I think your blog was interesting. (Liked the graph too:)

  2. Nice use of a graphic to make a highly visual point in this post and in reading it, you offer some very sound advice for brands looking expanding on a global stage and using social media for that challenge. What I missed was more of a focus specifically on Russia and what made it unique from other markets out there. It may be that your point of view is that it isn’t different, and that the same strategies that will work elsewhere will work there too … but if that’s the case, we want to know more about why you conclude that. If not, then build on your graphic and explain what may need to change for a brand’s strategy given the huge parallel rise of different social networking sites in Russia. (3)

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