Social Media – The Hunt for Both Elusive Predators and Customers

One brand that has been at the forefront utilizing new technology is the oldest reality television program now its 22nd season, responsible for capturing 1,060 dangerous felons – America’s Most Wanted.  This weekend, they will announce a new campaign in Florida called Operation Orange Tree.  This new program will allow a CyberCrime Unit comprised of US Marshalls and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to pinpoint locations where child pornography is being downloaded to arrest child predators.  The show has a pervasive presence online and offers widgets allowing fans to carry content on their Web sites.   You can also get involved in helping to locate missing children through the online Amber Alert program.  

Another brand that is literally having to reinvent itself from its beginnings in 1908, may not have “gotten” social media in the past but they are certainly embracing it now.  Their new GM Reinvention campaign has them featured prominently on Facebook, Flickr and Twitter. Following the announcement of their bankruptcy, they were tweeting constantly to keep their customers and the public at large informed on breaking news related to the company’s efforts to restructure. It appears that they are working hard to both be transparent and reinvent themselves.

Both brands have critical missions and social media is vital to meeting their goals.


One Response to Social Media – The Hunt for Both Elusive Predators and Customers

  1. It seems like you’re choosing two examples that you feel are relatively positive? On the first example, I wanted to hear more about your point of view on what they are doing and what stands out to you in terms of their use of social media. You mention the Operation Orange Tree, but then don’t really dig into it any further. On the other example of GM, you list out a few things that they are doing, but we miss your take on whether you feel they will work or not. Ultimately, as any reader goes through your post, they want you to share your insight and opinion on what you think of the companies and what they are doing. Then it can get really engaging. (2)

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