WholeFoods Market: Giving the Whole Story via the Internet

The care and attentiveness put into attracting and keeping customers at WholeFoods Market doesn’t stop at the inviting store displays and helpful staff. WholeFoods has branched out into several means of social media to continue to build a positive relationship and provide a customer centric experience.

The WholeFoods Market website (www.wholefoodsmarket.com) welcomes each and every customer to “talk to us” through a variety of social outlets; Flicker, Twitter, Blogs, Discussion Forums, Podcasts and Facebook.

Whether someone wants to learn about investor relations or wine specials, anyone can choose a media outlet to read, respond, and discuss with a WholeFoods representative – including the CEO, John Mackey.

MultiChannel Merchant (www. multichannelmerchant.com) describes in an article titled “How to Benefit From Social Media” that “By equipping consumers with social media tools—including ratings, reviews, recommendations, blogs, photo galleries, and forums—merchants can actually create an army of influencers who advocate their brand and provide invaluable feedback.” The article goes on to highlight WholeFoods Market as a leading MultiChannel Merchant by extending their in-store customer service to the web “by allowing shoppers to easily interact with employees and each other, just as they do in the store.”

WholeFoods Twitter account currently has 787,899 followers, 87,328 fans on Facebook, and according to Quantcast.com, WholeFoods has an average of 38,000 monthly visitors to their blog.wholefoodsmarket.com site.

WholeFoods is a great example of a company using a variety of social media tools well. By engaging with current or future customers, WholeFoods is able to provide, discuss, and respond to people, providing them with a real-time connection and the whole story.


One Response to WholeFoods Market: Giving the Whole Story via the Internet

  1. Like I said in a comment to your classmate who also wrote about Whole Foods – it’s a good brand to focus on, but I would also have liked to see some mention of the CEO controversy that happened some time back and whether you think it impacted them. You have an article source that you cite and a few stats about Whole Foods, but you leave the reader of your post hungry to hear more about your point of view on this more than just sharing what they are doing. See my comments on your other post as well …

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