Open letters to and


You had me at 12:01PM on January 20 2009 because you were up and running and ready to work. There were no excuses about being the new kid on the block, you simply stepped up and started to inform me about issues that matter and this new administration.

When I had to step up and do my bit to support the stimulus bill, you made it easy for me by providing me with everything I needed to make a decision. You clearly get that as parent, full time student and just generally busy person, sometimes I want to help but don’t have the time to start figuring out who my representative is let alone to draft a letter explaining why he/she should vote for or against an issue.

Your timing in delivering directly to my inbox all the information is impeccable. You make sure to provide the information I need when it is topical and even remind me how a certain bill or action will impact my backyard, making my job of active participation in this democracy so much easier. You get that I want to be engaged and you seamlessly facilitate my engagement across a range of social media platforms.

What I like most about you, is your willingness to meet me where I am. These days I don’t always check my emails so if I’m on You Tube I can see the Weekly Address or you’ll even come to my white on facebookFacebook page to keep me in the loop about important developments and give me a chance to touch base with like-minded people, without interfering in our vibrant discussion. I can even keep up with the President in pictures on Flickr or on the main Web site. It is good to have choices.

Bottom line, you provide the information I want, wherever I want to get it, on any given day. When the occasion calls for it you’ll even give me a choice of languages because you really want to me know what is happening. In short, you get it and that’s why you’ve got my attention and when it matters, my active engagement.



PS: The only thing you could do better in my book would be to get President Obama tweeting like candidate Obama did because sometimes 140 characters or less is all I’ve got time for!


Or should that be Michael I’m amused that you think you can impress me by touting your Twitter, You Tube and Facebook widgets on your front page. I don’t care that  Chairman Steele is‘listening to social media’ what I want to know is that he is listening to the American people and working to provide me with a viable opposition so that I can engage in the democratic process.

Surely there’s something fundamentally wrong with telling me about The State of the Website [sic] when all I’m concerned about is the State of the Union, especially with the Governor of Texas threatening cessation.

I don’t need your Web site to be trendy or to show off how cool you think Chairman Steele is. All I want as a prospective voter is to be informed about the issues and the GOP’s position so that when your nemesis emails me, touches base on my Facebook page or takes the conversation offline by inviting me to a town hall meeting with the President, I am in a position to make an informed decision.

Most of all, I want to be taken seriously, not patronized with a half-hearted attempt to ‘connect’ with me on a superficial level. Frankly, you just don’t get it.




One Response to Open letters to and

  1. Great format choice for this post – it was engaging, real and fun to read. The two examples you used were original, your points that you made were on track and you didn’t fall into the usual political trap of broadcasting your biases. I couldn’t really tell which “side” you were on … only that perhaps you were on the side of democracy, which is where more people should find themselves. Definitely one of the best posts this week. (4)

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