Hey, Wendy’s? No one wants a fake sandwich!

With many conversations happening online, brands are racing to come up with the next best idea to sell their product using social media. For years Burger King has been competing with McDonalds to become the leading fast food restaurant. Although, they have yet to usurp the golden arches, Burger King has introduced some clever ideas to fight for their share of the spotlight.

First, Burger King launched whoppervirgins.com – a web site streamlining video of people who have never eaten a burger before – trying both a Whopper and a Big Mac to determine which is better. Multiple videos have shown up on YouTube featuring these people try both burgers, initially confused by the Big Mac and ultimately choosing the Whopper.

Next, Burger King decided to take on Facebook, introducing the “sacrifice ten friends” campaign, which encouraged Facebook users to sacrifice their friends for a free whopper. More than 23,000 users participated in this campaign to receive a free whopper.


This campaign was a success because Burger King took a risk. Oftentimes, brands shy away from controversy, but with this campaign Burger King proved to have a sense of humor – and that a whopper was good enough to end friendships.

As Burger King strives to become number one, Wendy’s has been content in the background. Wendy’s recent lame attempt at the gift application – they offered an option where Facebook users could send their friends chicken sandwiches as a gift, did little to provoke users.

Who wants a fake sandwich when you can get a real one? With Facebook beginning as a college social media site, Wendy’s should realize that struggling students would prefer a real burger opposed to a picture on their wall just reminding them of the luxuries they can’t afford.

Wendy’s should take heed from Burger King and offer discounts or free burgers to its followers on Twitter or Facebook. Coupons get people to stores. It is much easier to splurge on a small fry or soda if you’re not buying the whole meal.

Brands need to understand their target audiences and what makes them tick. Burger King knew that college kids on Facebook would sacrifice much more than ten friends to get a free meal; Wendy’s doesn’t get it. Sometimes the dollar menu just isn’t enough.


One Response to Hey, Wendy’s? No one wants a fake sandwich!

  1. Nice choice to have two brands from the same industry category – it helped your flow and for you to make your points. The one thing missing from this is the proof points to support what you are saying. For example, do you know from somewhere that this was a campaign targeting college students or are you assuming that. You say 23,000 people participated in the campaign, but there seem to be other relevant numbers to prove your point that this worked. Also, a screen grab from Wendy’s effort would have been good to even out your post. Good ultimate point, though, about making sure that you have an offer that your target audience actually cares about. (3)

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