QOTW: One Brand That Gets It & One That Doesn’t

QOTW = Question Of The Week

Each week the students of this class will be posting on a different topic related to what we are covering in class. The question of the week will be posted on this blog. Below is this week’s question:

In just about any conversation you might find online about social media, inevitably the topic turns to brands that “get it” and those that don’t.  Inarguably, this list of brands that get it and are actively using social media is getting longer and success stories are growing, yet as more and more brands jump into social media – the horror stories of things gone awry are also rising too.

Name one brand in the US that you think is using social media well, and one that isn’t (either because they are doing it wrong, or doing nothing). In your post, offer your point of view on why you chose the two brands you did and what other brands can learn from each of their examples.

NOTE: All responses are due Monday, June 15th by 5pm EST.


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