@globalcc GroupTweet Key

As part of our class, all the students will be contributing tweets to our class Twitter account (@globalcc) using a service called GroupTweet.  So you know who is the author of any particular tweet, we’ll be signing each of our tweets with our initials.  Here’s the full list of initials of members of the class along with our initials:

^AA – Adrienne Allmond
^SB – Shannon Barrett
^RB – Rohit Bhargava
^PB – Paul Bove
^MB – Michole Brown
^JC – Julia Cartwright
^SG – Shayla Gibson
^AG – Alexandra Greenbaum
^SH – Shakirah Hill
^EH – Elizabeth Homan
^QH – Quentin Hunstad
^CH – Charlotte Hutchison
^MK – Moritz Krause
^HL – Heather Lovett
^ZM – Zenneia McLendon
^JM – Jenna Mills
^SO – Stephanie O’Neill
^BP – Beatriz Perez
^GR – Gregg Rapaport
^JS – Jacqueline Sibanda
^KS – Kaira Stelly
^SS – Starla Stiles
^ET – Evan Taylor
^JT – Jacqueline Titus


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