Welcome To Typhoon Season!

Welcome to the class blog for the Masters level Global Communications class that will be starting at Georgetown University on June 8th.  The best way of describing how this blog will look over the next 9 weeks is to compare it to Typhoon season in many parts of Asia … lots of activity in a big burst, held together with a consistent hum in between.

Our class meets Monday evenings, and every student will be posting a blog post by Wednesday evening. For 8 weeks, this means we’ll have more than 20 posts within a 48 hour time period – then relatively calm activity for the rest of the week.  Followed by this period, the entire class will be travelling to London for 1 week in early August – and posting from there.  Then the class ends.

So for the next two months – until about August 15th, 2009, follow our thoughts and adventures by checking out this blog. After that, we hope this will serve as a good archive of our discussions, but we won’t be posting on this blog anymore.

This is a short term relationship we’re starting, and we want to be sure we’re all on the same page.  Now let’s have some fun and start learning from each other!


One Response to Welcome To Typhoon Season!

  1. […] comes up with each week, and add your comments and thoughts. As I say in my first post, the blog will be very much like a typhoon – lots of activity for a short amount of time, followed by relative calm. Also, the class is using […]

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